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We’re professional digital marketers, with our development services you not only get a business website with creative UI/UX, but also a growth engine ready to skyrocket your business!

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For Developing Marketing-Ready B2B, E-commerce, Blogs and Business Websites

Being a marketing company at core, Digiconian understands the difference between a fancy looking website (that adds minimum value to your business) and a high-performance website that brings leads and sales for your business every single day.

While providing professional website development services for our clients in India, UAE, US, Australia, Indian cities like Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, and Pune, we have realized that most clients have a website, but it doesn’t bring real value to their business. First of all, these website designs are not marketing ready, and technologies are old school, often not secure and don’t live up to the latest web standards.

Digiconian solves all of these challenges for your business website development and transforms the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of your website, that eventually helps you beat the competition; be it in the performance, search, and advertising. Our professional web designers will first try to understand your “customer’s need” and will try to figure out thw ways by which your customer may land on your digital presence. We will design the user experience that smoothens the customer journey from understanding your service value to the point of conversions of leads or sales.

We’re hands down the best Website Design Service providers for industrial companies, e-commerce, services industry, hospitality services, or even retail businesses. Our sites load in less than 3 seconds, and come with a native responsive user experience that loads well on all resolutions of laptops, desktops, and smartphones. You can also get add-ons such as Payment gateway integration, SMS gateway integration, API Integration, ERP Integration, Web Application Firewall along with robust security layer integration, VPS deployment of your website or web applications on Amazon Lightsail or Digital Ocean.

What is included with the Website Design Service?

While we have different packages, from simple websites to complex sites like e-commerce 360 integrations, we provide the following services some included in the cost and some as paid add-ons.

Domain and Hosting
for 1 Year

We offer multiple options for hosting like from micro-shared hostings to robust virtual private servers (VPS) based on your website needs. We help you estimate demand and suggest multiple plans starting from INR 6,000 per year.
All of these services are third-party costs and includes 1 year of domain registration as well.

Note - These services renews yearly, which are separate costs after the first year of your website development project.

User interface

For specialized web design projects, we provide custom user interface design crafted by our professional UI Artists. They deeply understand the concept of your project first, by communicating with you thoroughly.

With this information, they creatively design your website UI that goes well with your existing branding.


Indus Old Website
Indus New Website - design by us


Our MarTech professionals will help you design a great user experience for your customers. The UX drives your customers from landing on the right information and smoothly taking them to your landing pages that capture the leads for your future communication.

The UI and UX designs go hand in hand to produce a harmony that delivers a well-balanced growth engine in the form of your business website.


We develop important website pages as landing pages other than the landing pages needed for marketing campaigns. If you look around this page you'll see call to actions like (Schedule a call) and quick forms all over the page. So essentially we're helping you understand our service & also trying to get you on board as our client.
Clever! isn't it?
- You can expect the similar efficiency for your web design project with us


Our team often uses WordPress as a CMS platform that backs your website and we provide basic security for each of the website development projects we deliver.

Our Premium Security includes

- Security with Wordfence
- Managing Known Loopholes of CMS and Plugins
- Auto updates
- Custom Alerts
- Hide Sensitive Server / CMS Info
- Cloud Backups


We offer a 15-day grace period as complimentary support with each web development project to take care of any last-minute micro changes and solve if in case we missed out on any issue.

Our Premium Support offers:

- Standard development support
- Standard issue resolving
- Content changes
- CDN support
- Hosting Support
- Custom AMC Reporting

Let's discuss the right website design plan for your business.

For Unbeatable Professional Website Design Service and Support

Premium Add-ons with Website Design Service

Website Copywriting

One of the essential elements of a great and high performing business website is great content writing.  

We have partnered with general and specialty technical writers to offer website copywriting as additional service available to all of our web development customers. 

Business Blog/News Magazine Websites 

Started our journey as the bloggers ourselves, we offer our clients a cutting edge blog installation, training, and management as a separate service.  

We can design and develop business blogs, personal blogs, hobby blogs, news portals, magazine-style blogs, and pretty much all categories of the blog as per your need.

E-commerce Websites For High Conversion Rate

We're specialists in delivering an e-commerce portal powered by CMS such as WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento. 

No matter the number of products or potential audiences, we can develop a great e-commerce website that fulfills all of your needs from design, content, SEO, and marketing perspective.

 We also offer a dedicated E-commerce 360 package that manages end-to-end e-commerce platforms by becoming a dedicated team for tech, marketing, and store management. 

Explore our E-commerce 360 package in-depth ➜.

Email Marketing / Email Template Design

If your business works in B2B or product sites like e-commerce, email marketing is a standard these days. Digiconian offers a robust email marketing service that covers email automation, email template designs, email content writing, and email marketing analysis for you.

Our end-to-end email marketing services start at INR 20,000/month/month

Annual Maintenance Contracts

After our complimentary support ends, you can opt for our AMC or Annual maintenance contracts for websites. You can also enroll in this add-on even if you have done your website design elsewhere. 

Most micro websites don't require support, and we recommend them to use our service only when they need it and pay as per required changes or modifications. 

For complex website project that has ongoing activity user and admin activity like Events, E-commerce projects, Web Applications, the Annal Maintainance service is highly recommended. As we can introduce new changes every month as-needed.

Pricing starts from INR 1,00,000 per year for AMC for websites and
e-commerce projects.

Robust Security Architecture For Websites

We always make sure the sites delivered by us are optimized with standard security protocols with the help of WordFence, a standard on WordPress development projects for security.  

But certain websites require much more robust security, especially the web portals that conduct transactions online or the websites that need security layer for their hosted applications.  

We integrate Content Delivery Networks, Web Application Firewalls, Automated Monitoring of security issues, manage updates of platforms and plugins, and much more in our website security add-on services. 

Pricing starts from INR 25,000/-

Highly Converting Landing Pages

If you already have a robust website that serves enough purpose, you might want to add landing pages that improve your conversion rates even further. Sometimes particular products or services need a highly focussed content page that offers all the necessary information to take the readers to make their decision almost immediately. And this is where our landing page service helps. 

This add on comes with the design, development, and hosting of your landing page with installation service 

Pricing starts from INR 5,000/page

Web Task Timeline

A basic website for small and medium businesses, it can take as little as 10 days to deliver the final website.  For e-commerce or custom designed websites, it takes around 21 days.

  • Day 1: We receive necessary content like text, images, product /service information from the client
  • Day 7: We provide UI for website homepage, service pages, and single pages.
  • Day 15: We deliver a website for feedback
  • Day 17: We modify and deliver the website after feedback. Take final approval.
  • Day 18: Deploy the site on client's hosting (If it's not done already)
  • Day 20: We integrate basic security and get final testing from the client end.
  • Day 21: Handover of the site

And for deep marketing integrations and complex sites such as e-commerce, the delivery time can extend up to 45 days as well.

Our Clients

Who have experienced our professional website development services

Why get a website designed by Digiconian?

  1. Like all of our services, our approach is not just to provide you what you need but make it future-proof technology-wise.
  2. Highly creative and competitive UI and UX for specialty websites designed by expert web artists.
  3. Website designs made by Digiconian are modern, responsive, and fast loading, Always!
  4. Free search console and analytics integration (basic level)
  5. Free consultation on the website’s usability and performance for current and future demands.
  6. Free hosting and domain migration if clients are revamping their old website.
  7. Our services are cloud VPS ready.
  8. Additional support is available for Hosting level issues, VPS, and Cloud related issues.
  9. SEO, Web, PPC, and All modern solutions are provided in-house under an expert 360-degree marketing team.
  10. Fast turn around time.
  11. Our team is always willing to help, ask any of our clients about that!
  12. Transparent billing process, no hidden fees.

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What our clients say about us

"From casual mobile games to PC to room scale VR games, they handled marketing for several indie games we made. DC's profound insights and knowledge in digital marketing helped us strategize our pre & post-launch user acquisition."
Manas Gajare
Fufu Kids | Zabuza Labs
"They are a skilled bloggers, talented digital marketers and their calm and collected approach to solving expansive problems has been very influential."
Rohit Raut
Content Guru
"Digiconian has assisted me from last five years for various online marketing activities like SEO, content marketing & performance-based ad campaigns. Highly recommend them if you want results and expand your business online."
Mohit Sharma
"Digiconian has a fantastic, passionate team. Got a chance to work with them where they catered FLY360 with their digital marketing services. Helped to build brand FLY360 and reach the global market. Highly, recommend this team. Best wishes to Digiconian for their future endeavor. "
Nisarg Shah
Vice President, Fly360

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fix a Slow Website?

Of course, we can. We use cutting edge tools to analyze the page load times for both desktop and mobile pages. The data is used to optimize the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and streamline in order to effectively speed up your website or e-commerce portal. On top of this, we offer CDN integration that can enhance your content delivery according to users’ locations.  

Contact us to discuss your page speed issues with us

My website is not mobile compatible?

That means your website doesn’t follow modern web standards like responsive web design. Our team can help you rebuild your website and make it natively responsive i.e compatible with all screen resolutions of smartphones, iPads, laptops, and desktops..

My Website Doesn’t Drive Any Business? 

Your website is not designed for the purpose of marketing and attracting customers into doing business with you. Your website is just an online business card.

Well… we can help. Being a 360-degree digital marketing company, Digiconian helps B2B and B2C businesses to make the result-oriented websites that can drive leads or generate sales. You can also look at our PPC Advertising, SEO Services, and E-Commerce 360 Marketing options, to start generating business as fast as tomorrow. 

My Website Isn’t Showing Up on Google

There are multiple factors that drive search engine rankings of your websites, most important ones are on-page optimization, fresh content, external relevant and natural links, and providing highly valuable content for your potential customers.

Digiconian offers comprehensive plans for SEO that covers all of the above-mentioned factors with an ongoing SEO service contract for your website. 

Click here to know more about our website SEO services.

My Website Is Not Secure?

We can fix an unsecured website in our security add-on package. Starting from proper SSL installation to blocking the general platform or website level loopholes and protecting the site with a web application firewall, our expert team takes care of website security for you. 

We are now providing services in cloud hosting as well, which makes taking backups, security, and scalability of your web applications to the whole next levels. 

Contact us to discuss your website security needs with our team. 

Technology :

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